Izzivi mednarodnih podjetij

Spoštovane sodelavke in sodelavci,

V Pisarni za prenos znanja UL bodo redno spremljali izzive mednarodnih podjetij in nas o tem tudi obveščali.

Prvi »izzivalnik« je tako pred nami. Upamo, da med izpostavljenimi izzivi najdete tudi kakšnega, pisanega na kožo vašim ekspertizam in ekspertizam vaših sodelavcev.

Za dodatne informacije so na voljo: Vaša Pisarna za prenos znanja


Seeking Advanced Materials for the Generation of Bio-Based Products via Immobilised Non-Mammalian Organisms  (Bio-based. Materials).

  • ️ A privately held, US headquartered, multinational materials science company, focused on discovery and product innovation, is seeking collaborative opportunities to develop materials and process technologies for the immobilisation or encapsulation of live nonmammalian organisms for use in fermentation.
  • 💡 The company is looking for substrates for biofilm formation, bioreactor technologies suited for said substrates as well as technologies that have the ability to reduce/remove diffusion limitations within a biofilm and/or increase useable cell densities within a bioreactor.

⏱️ Challenge closes on 24th January 2022⏱️


 Designing a Sustainable Secondary Substation (sustainable solutions).

  • 🍀 Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks is looking for a new design concept for a prefabricated secondary substation, which must have innovative features in design, materials, and construction, incorporating the principles of sustainability and, in particular, a circular by design approach.
  • 💡 The new design must ensure, both in the technical characteristics and in those of the product, the complete observance of the technical and safety regulations currently enforced for its use and installation, as well as consider the minimum dimensions to house all the equipment normally found inside.

⏱️Challenge Closes on 31st January 2022⏱️


Seeking Adsorption-based Sensors for Measuring (Sensors, CO2 measuring).

  • A global leader in digital microsensors and systems is searching for technologies relating to the development of adsorption-based sensors for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in ambient air.
  • 💡Sensors should be suited to complement existing CO2 measurement technologies and should be optimised for low production cost rather than accuracy.

The sensor should:

  • Be based on a chemical transduction principle.
  • Be significantly more costeffective.
  • Have a measurement range between 400 and 2000 ppm CO2.
  • Have a limited cross sensitivity to ambient gases.
  • Have a small power consumption.
  • Be reflow solderable.
  • Have a lifetime of more than two years.

⏱️Challenge closes on 7th February 2022⏱️


Seeking Material Or Technology Solutions To Allow For Significant Light Weighting Of Hot Fill PET Bottles Without Sacrificing Performance (Materials, Optimisation).

  • 🔍Material or technology solutions to allow for significant light weighting of hot fill PET bottles without sacrificing performance.
  • 💡 Weight savings of 15% or more for hot fill bottle without compromising bottle performance and with 50% or more use of rPET. Clear, colorless. Recyclable. FDA beverage contact approved.

⏱️ Challenge closes on 1st March 2022⏱️


Testing4Ag: Novel compounds for early biological screening cascades (Chemistry. Biology)

  • 🍀Does your research focus on the design of biologically-active compounds or synthetic methods to gain access to novel molecular scaffolds? Do you have sets of different compounds derived from the same chemistry?
  • 💡Bayer is interested in receiving small organic synthetic or fragment-like molecules – including natural products and their derivatives – from universities, research institutes, biotechs, CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

⏱️ Challenge closes on 31th March 2022⏱️


Seeking Natural Colors For Foods And Beverages (Food & Beverages).

  • 🍹 PepsiCo is evaluating different natural color ingredients and technologies to replace Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, and Blue #1 for multiple food and beverage brands in order to address consumer demand.
  • 💡 Seeking FD&C Blue #1, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, and Red #40 replacements

⏱️Challenge closes on 23rd June 2022

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