Erasmus+ KA2 YOUTH partner from Cyprus; rok za oddajo 30.4.2019

Objavljamo interes za sodelovanje na razpisu Erasmus+ KA2.


Dear Colleagues,

We  would like to get in touch with your organization in order for you to consider possible collaboration. We would be glad to contribute and join your project proposal as a partner from Cyprus within ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth in case you are still in process of finalizing the project consortium and planning to apply for this particular call on 30th of April 2019. For your reference please see our portfolio of the ERASMUS+ KA2 (205; 204) KA3, KA1 (105) and Capacity building in the field of youth – ACPALA/Western Balkans  projects  (11 projects as a coordinators/ 24 projects as partners).

Our field of expertise covers the following topics such as entrepreneurship, active citizenship, coaching, inclusive education, soft skills, graphic/ web design, creative writing and more. Our team consists of more than 40 trainers who are experts in the following fields such as entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, ICT, project management, etc.   We are an international training course provider (operating in 12 countries across the EU) and delivering the training for staff members of the schools, adult education centres, universities, VET organisations, etc. DOREA has a vast expertise in dissemination and exploitation of the project results (on it’s own DOREA has around 25 000 Newsletter subscribers; around 10 000 social media followers). During past 7 years DOREA was a lead partner responsible for the Dissemination, Visibility, Communication and exploitation activities on both strategic level – preparing the strategies and plans as well as on the implementation level (website and social media channels creation and management, newsletters, brochures, etc.), task delegation to the project partners, supervision and measurement of the progress using both qualitative and quantitative indicators in most of the implemented projects.     Kindly please see the link to our PIF. In case you are not planning to submit the proposals during this call, we will be glad to get to know you in order to discuss possible future cooperation for the upcoming years. We will be looking forward to hearing back from you and get involved in and contribute to the development of the project application.

Best regards,

Jolanta Banelyte Managing Director DOREA Educational Institute Phone:+357 25256606 Skype:


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