OpenAIRE and FOSTER Open Access Week webinars and tutorials – 22.10 – 26.10.2018

Pedagoge in raziskovalce v nadaljevanju obveščamo o webinarjih in učbenikih o upravljanju raziskovalnih podatkov. Potekali bodo v času od 22. do 26. oktobra 2018.


Dear NOADs,

It’s almost time for Open Access Week!

OpenAIRE and FOSTER organised a full week of webinars and tutorials (October 22-26), you are much welcome to attend.

The schedule is divided into tracks:

Track 1: Open Access, Open Data, Open Science: what you need to know and what are the policies in Horizon 2020?

Track 2: Everything you need to know about FAIR data, data repositories, text and data mining and research data management.

Track 3: Legal and ethical considerations for sharing research data.

Track 4: Open Science Policies: what you need to know, how to advise on good policy making, and information/trends on policies in Europe.

Track 5: OpenAIRE and FOSTER project: services and activities.

You will also have the chance to ask your questions to the experts – to do so, however, you will need to register to receive the link for submitting your questions.

The full schedule of tutorials and webinars is available at

I hope you will enjoy our training schedule!

Please feel free to share this info in your networks.

Kind regards,


Ilaria Fava

Project Officer for EOSCpilot, OpenAIRE and RDA EU Göttingen State and University Library



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